Let us pray for the law firms and individuals that are preparing to battle in many different ways for her and her parent's benefit

The Battle of Armageddon is an unavoidable Biblical Promise - Let's pray for a swift victory. Let's pray that this child and her parents are reunited quickly and as peacefully as possible!

Let us all say a prayer for this little girl and the law firms mentioned below

This little girl has suffered so much because of a system that is evil to its core. Let us pray that child's future can be so much brighter than the suffering that she and her Real parents have undergone. Let's pray that she and her real parents will be reunited soon.

Special Prayer for the initial warriors - The Lawyers

Everyone is prepared to fight tooth and nail to get that little girl back to her parents. The power of the Pen, Paper and thoughtful Speech has spared many battles. Let's pray that these law firms can reunite that little girl with her parents quickly and peacefully!

Atty. John C. Manly

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi

Image from Manly Stewart Finaldi. Let us pray that this man is successful in reuniting that little girl with her parents, quickly.

Erin M. Carrillo

Carrillo Law Firm, PLLC

Image from " Let us pray that she/they have success in reuniting that little girl with her parents, peacefully.

Atty. Lynne Michelle Cadigan

Cadigan Law Firm, P.L.L.C

Image from Social Media. Let us pray that this lady has much success in quickly and peacefully reuniting this little girl with her real parents.

Copy of initial complaint

We are all going to be sitting on the edge of our seats ready to jump for joy or something else depending upon the success of these attorneys. We all want that little girl back home with her parents. We all know what's at stake. Let us all pray diligently.