Is it time to disband the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches in Arizona? - It's certainly time to bring justice to those that removed Devani from her parents and failed to protect her!

Not as an author of this article but rather as readers of many other articles prompting many to investigate the mishandling of children, constitutional rights... thus leaving the masses pondering - Is it more feasible for Arizonans to disband their entire government and start over while drafting a new Constitution and vetting all officials for an elevated probability of compliance with a new set of standards? Why the sudden recognition for the need of a new Arizona?

This photo of Devani was taken before her horrific abuse in state custody. Photo from the AZ Childrens Lives Matter Facebook page.

Raped, Beaten, Scalded, Skinned, Comatose, Amputations...

This case is no exception to your tax dollars at work in Arizona - A State with a government that has proven itself to be more of a burden than a benefit. Are we living in the time where Abraham Lincoln's advice on revolutionary exercise should be utilized?

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it." ~ Abraham Lincoln's first Inaugural Address March 4, 1861

Collapse - Can taxpayers even afford the cost to protect those that cause so much harm to children?

Protecting the President of the United States can be a 65 Million dollar per year endeavor for taxpayers and that's just one person - that hasn't attacked a child. As hostilities increase towards judges, officials, CPS workers... that cause so much damage to so many children - it becomes impossible for taxpayers to pay the expense of trying to protect them all.

Thea Glibert

Thea Gilbert - Court Appointed Attorney

To a Self-Proclaimed Vigilante, Thea would be akin to a 500 point buck during deer season. There are many like Thea. What does it cost taxpayers to protect Social Workers like her? Should we?

Samantha Osteraas

Foster Attacker

The physical attacks against this so-called "mother" have happened before and will undoubtedly continue. Samantha was attacked by two other inmates.

Judge K.C. Stanford

Juvenile Court Judge

Judge responsible for ripping this girl from her parents and placing her with a rapist... The average taxpayer couldn't afford to offset the price that the average citizen would like to put on this judge's head. Should taxpayers continue to foot the bill?
A State is just like a car, building... it's easier to build a new one than it is to fix one that's too far gone!

An Article about the child victim of Arizona

If you read the article be mindful of the tax dollars it takes to protect officials... that are counter-intuitive to our children's best interest!


We are all going to be sitting on the edge of our seats ready to jump for joy or something else depending upon the success of these attorneys. We all want that little girl back home with her parents. We all know what's at stake. Let's all pray diligently.