Arizona's "Foster" Crisis is the Worst among 1st World Countries

Can you imagine having your nearly two year old child, taken from you even though, you had done nothing to harm your child? Can you imagine having a social worker (Jeannette Sheldon) giving your precious baby to people like David and Barbara Frodsham:

  1. Frodsham had been previously, ousted from the military for sexual misconduct in Afghanistan where "bacha" or rape is rampant,
  2. Frodsham was being paid a monthly stipend as a "foster" parent (your tax dollars) while also making money pimping-out  other children in their "care". Meanwhile the children's pleas and warning signs were being ignored by Arizona's social workers. The Social Workers are apparently pedophile ringleaders of whom also ignored 38 police reports from the Frodsham's home raging from 2002 to 2016,
  3. Frodsham and his wife (Barbara Frodsham) raped and abused Devani and the others in their "care" repeatedly.

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What happened to Devani Rose after she was rescued by the federal agency ICE? Was she returned to her parents that had never caused her any harm? Was she given to her grandmother that has already been approved for & currently fosters a child?
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This photo of Devani was taken before her horrific abuse in state custody. Photo from the AZ Childrens Lives Matter Facebook page.

Raped, Beaten, Scalded, Skinned, Comatose, Amputations...

After Devani's removal from the Fodsham's pedophile ring. Arizona's Judge K.C. Stanford refused to return the child to Michelle Calderon (Devani's mother) or Barbara the grandmother (note this is the good Barbara not the rapist-abuse-Barbara-Fodsham) . Michelle had initially lost Devani due to an argument between Michelle and Jonathan (mother and father). Devani was at her grandmother's (wasn't even home during the argument). Michelle was charged with domestic violence. The charge was dropped. Social workers insisted that Michelle take a drug screen. Michelle took their 10 panel drug screen and passed. Without a shred of evidence or a warrant DCS removed Devani, from the grandmother's house and placed her in their affiliated pedophile house where they ignored all the pleads for help - while the unimaginable happens to children under their so-called protection.

Grandmother, Parents are denied custody again and Devani is sent off to another house to torture. The apparent pedophile-ringleader- social-worker Jannette gave the young child to Justin and Samantha Osteraas. According to court records Jannette's DCS agency had been warned by Justin's brother of Samantha's tendency towards abuse and that she is currently abusing drugs (unlike the mother of Devani that was clean at this time or the grandmother that never abused drugs).

Did Jannette ever drug test Samantha? No.

Samantha submerged Devani in water so hot that it made much of her flesh fall off and Devani lost all ten toes. When the real mother found out what had happened to her daughter she sought to visit her daughter in the hospital. Judge KC would not allow the mother to visit the child in the hospital.

Now that the facts are coming out, the judge presumingly fearing for his on life from vigilantes, has issued a gag order to prevent the family of Devani from discussing the events involving this case.

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Thea Glibert

Thea Gilbert - Court Appointed Attorney

 She reportedly told Devani's mother at the hospital that she will never see her child again. Harm caused by Devani's mother - None. Harm cause by the Arizona Bar Association - Unimaginable.

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Samantha Osteraas

Foster Attacker

Submerged Devani in water so hot that child lost all ten toes and some of Devani's flesh fell off. Samantha then chatted on the phone for hours. After FIVE hours Samantha sought medical attention.

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Judge K.C. Stanford

Juvenile Court Judge

Judge responsible for ripping baby Devani from her parents and placing her with a rapist... Has recently issued a gag order presumingly fearing for his life. He is currently preventing contact between Devani and her parents.

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Story Outline

Verbal fight between mother and father, mother charged with domestic violence >> Charge Dropped >> Social Workers Demand Drug Screen >> Screen Passed >> Child stolen from Grandmothers - no evidence, no warrant >> Child placed in CPS's (DCS) affiliated pedophile ring >> Baby is raped with foster peers until one peer turns 18 blows the whistle and the children are rescued by Fed's ICE >> Child and real parents are denied visitation... >> Grandmother and parents are again denied custody >> Baby Devani now age 5 is moved into another house where the Foster mother is actively using drugs and has a tendency to be abusive according to court records and reports >> Devani is scaled so bad that she losses ten toes some flesh... >> Real parents aren't even allowed to visit her at the hospital >>

An Article about the child victim of Arizona

If you read the article be mindful of the tax dollars it takes to protect officials... that are counter-intuitive to our children's best interest!


We are all going to be sitting on the edge of our seats ready to jump for joy or something else depending upon the success of these attorneys. We all want that little girl back home with her parents. We all know what's at stake. Let's all pray diligently.